Final Logo jpegDiscover Energising Freedom of Breathtaking Pilates. Breathtaking Pilates is more than just ordinary Pilates. It is aimed at the improvement of the breathing apparatus, as well as strength and flexibility of the body.

Breathtaking Pilates available in Bournemouth and Poole:

  • Classes
  • Small Groups
  • Private Tuition
  • Teacher Training

Innovative exercise for body and mind brings great improvement with dance and sport performance, tolerance to stress, better concentration and sleep.

olga piates

“We need to breathe to sustain life, but it is not the volume of the air we inhale, but the amount of oxygen we absorb into the tissue that important. Just as eating a lot of food, inhaling too much air will not make us healthy. Deep breathing can lead to hyperventilation, dizziness and upset pH balance. To stop it happening, I introduced to Pilates special methods of breathing preventing asthma symptoms by Dr Buteyko and diaphragm-strengthening exercise by voice coach Alexandra Strelnikova. My own experience as a ballet dancer and teacher helped me to bond traditions of Pilates mat exercise with the grace and athleticism of ballet and efficient breathing in Breathtaking Pilates.”   Olga Vikhrova